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Landscape Design for Residential
and Commercial



Irrigation System Design and Installation:

Our Irrigation specialists are fully trained in all aspects of irrigation systems - installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and onsite repairs. We always travel with the necessary parts and equipment to ensure we can maintain, diagnose, install and repair your system quickly and efficiently. We also provide winterization services to keep your system performing at its best the following year.

We aim to offer our clients the types of manual and automatic irrigation solutions that will provide them value for money while giving them well-watered plantings that enhance the aesthetics of their property.

Aspects We Focus on While Planning Irrigation Systems

Regardless of the scale and scope of your project, we handle all aspects professionally and expertly. Our team follows a detailed work process while handling these jobs. Before starting any irrigation installation work, we keep various things in view, such as:

  • The grading on your property
  • Types of trees, plantings, and lawns you plan to install or have
  • Watering requirements of different trees and shrubs
  • Combination of automatic and manual sprinkler systems
  • Your landscape maintenance needs
  • Your budget

Types of Landscape Irrigation Features

Depending on the lawns, trees, and plantings on your property, we will make sure that we include a combination of irrigation systems, such as:

  • Automatic Sprinklers - These are incredibly convenient, and they improve your landscape’s water efficiency. When we plan & install these in your view, we make sure that the irrigation plans and layouts are correct, so your plantings get watered at the right times.
  • Drip Irrigation - These are an excellent way to make sure that all the shrubs, plants, and flower beds get appropriate amounts of water. The drip irrigation network has many pipes and water emitters located near the base of the plantings. The water from these emitters drips into the soil near the roots, and there is very little loss due to evaporation, improving the water efficiency of your landscapes.
  • Soaker Hoses - When you have expansive outdoor spaces, soaker hose installation is a good irrigation option. We typically install these in conjunction with the other features.
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