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Landscape Design for Residential
and Commercial


Eco-Living Rolling Meadows Landscape and Garden Center is doing our part to help you go green around your home. We are excited to help you discover the benefits of living green by offering composting kits, rain water collection kits, and classes to help provide additional information and tips.

In addition to the many exciting products, solutions and classes offered, we have a full line up of organic soils, composting mixtures, and products to help meet your eco-goals.

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Organic products we love:

  • Fox Farm natural soils, compost & fertilizers
  • Chickity Doo Doo organic fertilizer
  • Cotton Burr compost
  • MYKE natural growth supplement
  • Bonide garden natural products
    • Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew
    • Go Away Deer and Rabbit Repellent
    • Repels All
  • AGGRAND natural lawn and garden products
    • Liquid Bone Meal
    • Liquid Lime
    • Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash
    • Natural Based Fertilizer with Fish/Kelp
  • OxiDate & ZeroTol fungicide/bactericide
  • Rainforest eco sprinkler

We at Rolling Meadows are a leading company in the landscaping field and offer customized organic landscape maintenance plans. Our company caters to clients in and around Overland Park, KS. We aim to provide our clients with the types of solutions that will give them value for money while ensuring they have stunning and healthy outdoor spaces that are long-lasting.

Why Opt for Organic Landscape Care?

If you want sustainable and healthy fertilization, pest control, and weed removal options for your landscape, with minimal amounts of impact on the environment, we recommend that you transition to organic fertilizers. Since they are minimally processed and eco-friendly, they are also kinder to the soil, plants, and the environment. There are many reasons to opt for organic landscape care, such as:

  • All-Round Nutrition for Plantings - High-grade organic fertilizers provide all the trace & secondary nutrients, including magnesium, sulfur, and calcium, that your plants need.
  • Non-Polluting - Chemical fertilizers leach into the soil, polluting local water sources. In contrast, organic fertilizers are made with compost, organic matter, compost, compounds, and manure that do not pollute the water sources.

All the products we use in our work help retain the nutrients and moisture in the soil, making your plants, grass, and trees resilient. If you want customized eco-living services, we are the company to call. Our experts are here to help you at every step of your project and will ensure that your outdoor spaces are a class apart.

For any more details, feel free to call us and tell us what your requirements are. Call Rolling Meadows at this number 913-897-9500 or through this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will call you to discuss your project details.

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